‘Dirty Birds’

These are not Jamal Anderson’s “dirty birds”.  The Atlanta Falcons have burrowed their way into the conversation of ‘top team in the NFL’ after defeating a strong Green Bay Packer team 20-17 Sunday.  With merely 56 seconds on the clock and the score tied 17-17, Quarterback Matt Ryan helped lead a Falcon drive that culminated in a 47-yard field goal from Kicker Matt Bryant.  The QB who threw for 197 yards and a touchdown was so poised down the stretch I could have sworn I heard Bob Costas refer to Matt Ryan last night on NBC’s breakdown as ‘Matty Ice’ (That’s actually not a joke, he did).  Props to Costas.  Isn’t it about time we started slapping nicknames on this kid?  He was drafted in 2008.  That was like yesterday.  If you told me that 3 years later Matt Ryan would be 19-1 at home for his career, I’d probably tell you to go drink bleach.  Matt Ryan?  The Atlanta Falcons?  No, couldn’t be.  Shouldn’t that be Manning or Brady’s home record over 3 years?  The combination of Matt Ryan and Michael Turner(110 yards, 1 TD), mixed in with the ageless Tony Gonzalez(1 TD) has everyone’s eyebrows raised.  The Falcons have won 5 straight games, and 9 of the last 10.  Stupid good numbers considering the parity of the 2010 NFL season.   It seemed to me that most analysts (myself included) weren’t taking the Falcons as serious as we should have.  That time has passed.  I’m not ready to carve Atlanta into the Lombardi Trophy just yet, but whoever thought the team from the dirty South was a flash in the pan, think again. 

Let 'em Bang

Boys Will Be Boys

The only thing that impressed me more Sunday than Matt Ryan and the Falcons, was the power and speed of Andre Johnson’s hands during the Texans/Titans game.  For those who did not see, scrape the moss out of your eyes from the rock you have been under and check it out.  (That was the only time ‘Moss’ will be referenced, unfortunately, for Sandy Randy).  The quick version to this story is Cortland Finnegan, the DB from the Titans is known for being a dirty player.  He brings his hands high on receivers constantly, and has butted heads with the Texans reciever Andre Johnson before.  During Sunday’s game, the tension between the two came to a head like a zit.  Finnegan jammed Johnson’s mask at the line, and then boom.  It snap/crackle/popped off.  The two ferociously ripped one anothers helmets off with Johnson ending up above Finnegan, catching him with two serious swings to the head/face.  Both players were separated and ejected, but I was waiting for Vince McMahon to come out and declare that ‘the match must continue’!  If I were to make a Ven Diagram of Hockey and Football, I would have the fighting in the middle where the two circles cross.  Both will probably recieve a game suspension plus a fine.  Like a party that got broken up by the cops, at least it was fun while it lasted.

Dennis Being Dennis

Notes and Shoutouts: If you didn’t hear about this story, your probably better off.  Misery loves company so I’ll share it with you anyway.  Dennis Rodman, one of the best rebounders (and freak) of any generation, called in to a sports radio station for an interview very early in the morning this past week.  It was quickly established that Mr.Party-like-a-rock-star Dennis had been up the whole night and was concluding his evening/morning with this interview.  Also quickly established was the fact that Dennis and his woman on hand didn’t give a damn about the interview.  Rodman admitted during the interview that his woman was…well…performing an act on him.  During the interview!  What a nut.  Claiming, “she’s on point bro” was one of many valuable sound bites.  Your kidding me right, Dennis?  Even for all the ridiculous things Rodman has done, this is near the ‘top’.  Niether Jim Morrison, Led Zeppelin, or Keith Richards can hold a candle to this guy when he parties.  Oh, and I wouldn’t hold a candlestick anywhere near Dennis.  It’s Rodman, who knows what he’ll do with it.


11 Responses to ‘Dirty Birds’

  1. The DR. says:

    As far as the actual post itself….The Atlanta Falcons look good. Matt Ryan is somehow quietly becoming a force to be reckoned with and I have a feeling the mothership (shout out to DP) will finally start giving him the play he deserves. Watch out for more Matt Ryan endorsements and commercials, hell be a houshold name by the end of the year. And Dennis..oooo Dennis. Keep doin you as no one else can, except for aparently that mouth of hers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Falcons do look good, and have a very good shot of winning out the rest of the way. That would give them home field throughout the NFC playoffs, spelling trouble for the rest of the NFC. While the rest of the NFC looks shaky, they seem to be in cruise control. If they end up at 14-2 look for “Matty Ice” to be in the MVP discussion.
      Also, it was great to see two men on the field actually fight like men… unlike Baseball where they typically look like flailing girls playing slapstick with their eyes closed. I was glad to see the NFL did not suspend them and only dished out $25K in fines. That might as well have been an approval of the actions by the league! Wouldn’t it be awesome if we saw the NFL end up like hockey, only they drop the helmets and go at it? You’d need a sportscenter segment just for NFL fights.

      • Joe Harris says:

        SHAKY!? THe NFC !? Have you heard of the saints who are in the same division? Returning super bowl champion NEW Orleans Saints? SHaky? They are hands down the best team in the NFC right now. Dont get me wrong , those dirty birds sure are dirty, but the NFC shaky? You got the dirty dogs eagles team lled by Vick, the Dirty Birds, the lambaue leepers (green Bay Packers) , and the upset spoiler Dallas Cowboys. Shaky!? …shakky? with any due respect I beg to differ. Weigh in, that thanksgiving meal should be well digested so indulge before weigh in if you like..til next time, JH

      • JB says:

        Joe I agree with the first comment. Yes, the NFC is shaky. The Falcons are the most consistant team right now in the NFC. How do you say New Orleans is the best NFC team “Hands Down”??? Please state your case. They’re in second place in their division to the Falcons who, by the way, already beat the Saints, in New Orleans. How about Tampa Bay? All 7 wins against sub .500 teams. The NFC East is a crap shoot, you don’t know what you’re going to get week to week, especially from the Giants. The Bears in the North (leading the division) have one of the softest schedules in the league, with only 3 of their wins coming against above .500 teams. They’ll get smashed in the playoffs. And lets not even mention the embarrassment that is the NFC West, where there is a good chance a team with a sub .500 record will win the division! YES the NFC is very shaky compared to the AFC, which is clearly the better conference right now.

  2. Brian Lindsay says:

    Alright Joe Harris, I have read all the topics and enjoyed the humor that comes with the comments you write and others calling you out and I never get involved however that has to change this time around. Andre Johnson is NOT a local guy but there is an Andre who is a wide Reciever in the NFL that went to Niskayuna but his name is Andre Davis. I knew this because my mom teaches there and she got his autograph for me and I went online just to double check where Andre Johnson is from because you always claim you want the “Facts” and when I checked I learned that Andre Johnson graduated from Miami Senior High School in 1999. I guess we will let it go because this involved an NFL player and not a NBA player in which is a league you apparently work for. So I hope this helps you get your facts straight until next time….

  3. Joe Harris says:

    Thoughtful, lets remember Andre Johnson is a local guy too (NIskyuana Please Stand UP!) also the dirty birds ha funny nickname. One can wonder is Michael Vick had stayed around would they call them the DIRTY DOGS. Any way lets gear up the ACC BIG Ten challenge as we will get a good look at plent of future NBA players. Byy the way, shoot me if im wrong, but didn’t I worn yall that the heat were getting rid of Spolstra? Did I not? Did I really predict something three days ago that happened today? GOshh how could I do such a thing, oh wait who do I work for? ohh yeah thats right. Sorry readers for the back track but I had to silence my even enduring critic R. DIJohn. Anyways now that all our gobbles are out of us I agree with BYESLINE, lets indulge in a great week of sports! Weigh iIN folks(don’t forget youve gained a few lbs since thanksgiving)!

    • JB says:

      Joe anyone could see the Spoelstra situation coming a million miles away. The real question is will Jeff Van Gundy take over. IF that happens then yes, I will give you all the credit in the world. Until then no. I, along with millions of others, could see that Spo would be the first scapegoat for the Heat if they started to falter. The real mystery with the Heat, to me, is Wade struggling so much.

    • The DR. says:

      Joe-do you really think Andre Johnson went to Niskayuna? Cuz that is just laughable….and sad man. Im not going even to make fun of you, waste of typing. Good call on Spolstra…. Ill give ya credit…I gave the same props to my to 87 year-old grandmother who called it a week ago.

    • Rocco DiJohn says:

      JoEY BOY! Are you serious? You really think Andre Johnson went to nisky?? That was Andre Davis! LOL he did play for the texans for alittle I can see why you get them confused. Both have the first name… (idiot) I think we would know if we had a Hall of fame WR in our region. (Only player in NFL history with 60 catchs in 8 stright seasons)

      Dude do you remember that you said Jeff van gundy was going to get the Heat job!!! HAHA do you know anything about the relationship the Van Gundys have with Riley?? Are you kidding me? Listen to Jeff on ESPN once and awhile or listen him talk about Riley this would cleary never ever happen! You are a joke and and a fucking idiot! Get a life and Stop trying to blog on BYESLINE! With all your mistakes including todays Captial Region Hall of Fame WR you really going to tell me you still work for the NBA??? Dude give it up. your a joke! You know nothing about the league!

      Where is Jennings on your list of Top 10 point guards again? What Happen in the Bucks-Pistions game (you were at the other night) Give it up man your a joke! Till the next time you write and I correct! -RD

      • JB says:

        Rocco = Operation Shock and Awe
        Harris = Afghanistan

        Rocco = Andre Johnson
        Harris = Cortland Finnegan

        Rocco = Katrina
        Harris = Gulf Coast

        Am I making myself plain enough?

    • Lawrence Frank says:

      Just wanted to get a few words in regarding Joe Harris…as most of you know, I am an established NBA coach myself (although my stint with the Nets didn’t end well, I have landed on my feet and on the bench of the best team in the Eastern Conference), and I can say from personal knowledge that Joe Harris is indeed a reputable NBA scout. Although he has a reputation as a bit of a womanizer, and he likes the bottle a bit too much for my liking, nobody is perfect; he is an overall hard worker with an innate knowledge of the game. That Dirty Dogs line was a classic, Joe….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Jeff Van Gundy will indeed be the next head coach of the Heat; his assistants will be Mark Jackson and Mike Breen, and Craig Sager will be Director of Basketball Operations. That’s all for now, folks; I have a plane to Cleveland to catch.

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