Leftover Turkey

Madden Clutching Turkey

I can only hope everyone jammed enough turkey and gravy into the hole in your face until it seeped out of your pores like a chia pet.  My buddy is overseas playing pro basketball in Africa, and it is a tradtion of the town he is staying in that everyone who can afford it, sacrifices an animal.  Ew.  How I do appreciate American holidays, when we just sit around eating (pre-killed) food, drinking wine, and watching sports until we pass out.  2010’s Black Friday games included arguably the college football comeback of the year in Auburn v.s. Alabama.  I walked out of the door when the score was 21-0.  For what you ask?  To see the film, ‘Love and other Drugs.’  Yes, it’s true.  I missed the comeback of the year to see Jake Gyllenhall cry.  As a consolation prize I did get to see Anne Hathaway’s breasts a few times.   How about Boise State missing a chip shot field goal to dissolve all National Championship hopes.  Did I get to hear the Nevada play-by-play announcer yelling, “The Boise Dream is Over!  The Boise Dream is over!”  Nope.  I feel as guilty as a young Kevin Mcallister in the first Home Alone when he spills the 2-liter all over the holiday meal.  “Look what ya did ya little jerk.”  I feel that guilty.  How could I pass up on these games?  I’m counting down the hours until Sunday football when I can redeem myself and act like a sports fan again.  Eat as much leftovers as you want, the biggest leftover Turkey is me. 

Ally 'Oops'Notes and ShoutoutsWhether Democrat of Republican, I love the fact that President Obama needed 12 stitches to fix his grill from a pickup basketball game.  The leader of the free world is just getting after it on the hardwood and catches a Karl Malone type elbow to the mug!  I can’t help it, that makes me want to give him a fist pound (w/ no explosion) and buy him a beer.  They said Bush was relatable to the common man?  This Obama guy makes me want to go get tattoo’s together!  I’m sure there was something more productive he could have been doing, but hey, at least dude is not out staining dresses.  Back to business Monday with a more sports-related post.  Enjoy your post-holiday weekend.


27 Responses to Leftover Turkey

  1. Albert LaPointe says:

    Joe Harris, you clearly know nothing about sports.I happen to know Rocco Di John,and he happens to be very well educated in that are,so you should just give up.If you haven’t noticed he has corrected you.

    • Joe Harris says:

      Is Phillip RIvers the new best quarterback in the NFL? I embodied myself in Sundays game and the Purdue Pistol caught my eye. Last player I saw play like this you may ask? Tom Brady back when the pats won it all. Either way wow is King Phillip on a roll. BYESLINE what do you think? DId anybody see the college basketball games today? Freaking awesome! Shirts off, pants off, shoes off, WEIGH IN- JH

    • John Karr says:

      Albert LaPointe? Seriously? C’mon Man!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m fully convinced Obama ran for office so he could ball with all of the top players in the country. Can’t wait to see him give a speech with those threads in his grill

    • jharris42@hotmail.com says:

      CRAZY! its nice to see some human elements being displayed by our president. What do you think BYESLINE? WEIGH IN! I think the koreans may fear him more, they would fear it the most if Arnold Scwarzeneggar ran hahahah could yall imagine!? Weigh in–til next time- JH

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        Joe – First off don’t tell BYESLINE to weigh in! Thats not his job. He blogs, he doesn’t comment on shit your telling him to comment on. YOU don’t tell him what to write you don’t tell him how many times he should post! This is Zach Byes blog! NOT YOURS! you can comment and I will correct. Thats how this blog works. Zach does his job and you comment! Don’t tell him how to do his job. Alright? Get it? Yes this is my real name, I don’t leave my Email address. (Haha) and we won’t be sitting down for drinks any time soon. When you come out and stop your an NBA person I will leave your post alone but intill then I will just correct everything you write….. Dude Is Jennings a top 10 point guard??? You watched the game right? Stop telling people to “weigh in” this isn’t your blog.

        Just to let you know everything you have wrote about the NBA you have gotten wrong. Do you know the spurs record yet??? What # was KOBE drafted again??? haha – later bro

      • Trevor Kent says:

        Just came to see if Byesline had a new Sunday blog, I’ve been enjoying the posts. No new blog, but plenty of fireworks on the comments! Please allow me to “weigh in” if I can. First I don’t think Joe is an NBA analyst, he’s posted far too many incorrect pieces of information. However I also think this Rocco character has gone too far. Joe has in essence put down his sword and offered to end the grudge, a clear sign of submission. Rocco would be wise to accept this olive branch as a victory instead of encouraging the current shenanigans on the message boards, though his assessment of Joe being a bit possessive of Zach’s blog appears to be merited. Let’s talk sports folks! What a weekend in football huh?

  3. Ray T. says:

    I couldn’t agree more, let’s get back on the actual topic of the blog rather than wasting our time bashing joe when all he is trying to do in these posts is talk sports! Cut the guy some slack.

  4. Anonymous says:

    CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?! Joe and Rocco need to have a beer summit at Fridays.

  5. anonymouse says:

    Joe harris is an NBA analyst and a great local representative of the capital region, its good for your blog that Joes here.

  6. Michael says:

    Hey Joe…If you insist on ripping the “ByeLine” maybe you should have your own blog so that we can rip you apart on your site. You could not hold a candle to this writers sports knowledge or my own knowledge. I can guarantee you that I could shoot you down any day of the week on any sports knowledge, and I DID watch the Boise State/Nevada game. I know that Nevada won, but can you tell me that Boise State did not lose the game? Maybe YOU did not watch it. It is probably tough to do when you are flying around from NBA game to game. Brandon Jennings is good by the way, but I will name 10 other point guards better then him. I guess you don’t watch a lot of NBA like you say. How’s your baseball or football knowledge? “ByeLine” or myself would rip you apart at that as well.

    • joe harris says:

      To all the BYESLINE fans lets keep in mind that this was a very busy weekend in sports. ZAch was right on with his prediction about this week! Wow and its not even over..LEts all weigh in on one upset tomorrow..im picking the miami dolphins, who do yall got?

      • Anonymous says:

        Joe I don’t think Miami winning would be an upset against the upstart Raiders. I’m going for Buffalo beating Pittsburgh in a classic trap game for the Steelers. And I think KC could lose at rowdy quest field against Seattle. Good day.

      • joe harris says:

        solid choice, i liek kansas city however because they have a stronger offensive line. Anybody intrested in going to a knick game next week? ALso has anybody been following the NHL? the fliers were impressive to say the least against the devils. I feel like we need more NHL coverage on this blog of ours.. feel free to weigh in, were talking nfl upsets and some nice nhl matchups

  7. ric flair says:


  8. joe harris says:

    Will see, anybody commenting on this is insignificant except for BYESLINE its his blog, not rob dijonhs

    • JB says:

      Joe I did not see the end of the boise v nevada game but I’ll give u my opinion of the result. The better team lost, the right outcome occurred. Boise was a better team, but them not having a chance to play in the BCS title game was the right outcome. No way can someone explain to me that a team playing a bunch of glorified high school varsity teams (the WAC) deserves to be in the same discussion as a one loss team in the Big 10, 12 or the SEC… Let alone an undefeated team from those conferences. No one was more thrilled than me to see that joke be over, the one everyone seemed to be telling about BSU deserving a title shot.

  9. joe harris says:

    I have this blog favorited to my blackberry,i get all updates including when people take shots at me yet I don’t respond. I do have black hair, I do love fridays (who in there right mind doesn’t/) , I love to talk sports especially non NBA related since my job is overbearing at times. I am on my flight back from the MIlwaukee Detroit game and let me tell you, Brandon Jennings could be the real deal. BYESLINE and me have actually repaired our tarnished relationship so I don’t know who you are “anonymous “(prolly the uneducated unrelevant Rob Dijohn) but BYESLINE appreciates my contributions to this sight. UNlike some of you bloggers I have been able to control myself , realize not everyone responds well to criticsim, and I have made solid contributions. Anybody see NEvade beat Boise State last night? Big win for a team like OHio State and TCU. Can they get in? Weigh in on this ..JH

    • Joe Harris's Dad says:

      Joe the best part of you ran down my leg…

      • joe harris says:

        GOod one!

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        JOE! Haha your great. Your were on your way back from Detriot B/c thats were the game was played if you didn’t know.. Did you watch any of it? Did you see any of it? Tell us how good Jennings is? I mean the BUCKS Lost (if you didn’t know that) Jennings had a 2-1 Ast to TO ratio. Took 25 shots! Wait 25 shots for a POINT GUARD??? Really? and only made 9!!! Let me tell you I watched the game just for you b/c I heard you were going to be there (NOT TRUE). You gave us the most basic fact about Jennings and the bucks game for a person that was there shouldn’t you have commented on something else that went on? Like Lack of engery during the game? Poor shooting by the bucks or T-Macs game, and the superstars downfall this season? For being a NBA person you are very basic. Don’t have any clue on what the fuck you are talking about. Just get a life man. Your an idiot. Can you even name 10 points in the NBA today? If you didn’t know Gary Payton, John Stockton, Mark Jackson, and Rob Strickland don’t play in the NBA anymore, and i’m sorry your boy Mario Chalmers (kansas alumni) is not in the top 10. Thanks again for another great post JOEY BOY! Till the next time you write and I correct! RD

      • joe harris says:

        RD- ROB DIJOHN, uneducated, hater, poor english, and recently must have ordered the NBA package i recomended. Either way I am ending my grudge with you. From what I understand you are terribly uneducated. I will continue to support Zachary’s blog and hope you do the same, please don’t comment on my posts.

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        JOEY BOY!! AGAIN BROTHER! Support what you write! You come back and write on stuiped shit after I light your ass up! I mean i’m just saying you called Jennings the “real deal” after he shot 9-25 and the bucks got blown out by a terrible Detriot team!? Really? I’m sorry my english isn’t at your level but atleast I don’t spell Flyers with a ( I ) HAHA. Yes I do have the NBA package I total you that in a recent post before and I also told you I watched the game b/c I new you were going to “Be There” LOL Please give more to this blog then the run down of games at you see in your newspaper! You sure have a lot of time commenting on other sports watching other sports when there is a lot of NBA games going on…. HAHAH Please comment on that idiot!

        I won’t leave you alone, you won’t post shit without me correcting you and you will quit and I will prove to you everytime you know nothing about sports and your a FAKE! So JOEY I will comment on every one of your post all day every day! Till the next time you write and I correct! – RD!

  10. joe harris says:

    This is odd because thanksgiving was on thursday!? IM flying back from michigan now but I will be on the east coast soon. Im looking forward to hearing all the hoopla about the Miami heat as well and Danny Hurley and Bobby Hurley taking over at Wagner. Run with it folks- JH

    • Anonymous says:

      Joe one week you hate the blog, the next week your trying to blog on the comment board? This is two comments in a row you have tried to introduce your own topics. You dont work for the NBA. NBA employees don’t live in the capital region. They don’t read Byesline blog, or the times union blogs. Your from syracuse, former GE employee, and drink at Friday’s two or three times a week. You didn’t know we knew who you were? You have grey facial hair but darker hair on your head. Start your own blog and stop using Byesline as a platform for your terrible ideas and incorrect ‘facts’.

    • Anonymous says:

      Joe will you stop acting like an NBA insider? Besides the fact that this blog was obviously referring to the double whammy sports day, do you have to pick out every insignificant “error” in his blog or in someone’s comments?

      You’re not flying back from Michigan, you’re probably sitting on your la-z-boy right now in your home. Not a single person reading this blog or its comments (including my eight year old sister) is going to run with a single thing you have to say. Please stop for your own sake. We’re all trying to help you but you don’t get it. You’re like Russell Crowe in “A Beautiful Mind”, except in your ‘beautiful’ mind instead of spies running around like in the movie, you’re an NBA insider where ‘sources’ give you up to the minute information about the league. GET HELP.

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