Young Acting 'Out of Pocket'

At what point in the maturity process does one start to take responsibility for their actions?  Is it when you first become a teenager?  16?  18? 21 years of age?  What if you’ve been on planet Earth for 27 years?  27 freaking years.  That’s how old the quarterback from the Tennessee Titans, with the fitting last name, is.  Vince Young has had, roughly, 10,000 days in his life to try to figure out how the world works.   Well Vince, try harder.   During Sunday’s loss to the Washington Redskins, Young suffered an injury to his thumb, which in turn prompted Coach Jeff Fisher to sit him down.  Young, under the belief that he could still play, began to throw a hissy fit.  As he left the field, Young threw his jersey and shoulder pads into the stands!  In the locker room during Coach Fisher’s post-game speech, Young began to walk out.  When Jeff Fisher told him not to walk out on his teammates, Young came strong with the old, “I’m not walking out on my teammates, I’m walking out on you!” (A statement which is a second cousin through marriage to: “You can’t fire me, I quit!”)  So wait, Vince, let me slow this down to make sure I understand.  You’re a quarterback, you tore a tendon in your throwing hand which now needs surgery,  and the coach sat you down.  What’s your issue?  Vince is no stranger to ‘acting a fool’.  This is the same guy who has missed team flights, literally gone missing for days, told his therapist he contemplated suicide, and attacked someone in a Dallas strip club this summer.  Dude has been in the NFL for like 5 years!  That’s some baggage even Southwest Airlines isn’t letting fly free.  Playing any sport at the professional level is a privilege.  Vince Young must be under the impression he has a divine appointment from Jim Kelly the quarterback God himself to bless us with his talents!  Jeff Fisher has now informed Young that he is no longer needed in meetings, in practice, or for pretty much anything to do with the Titans.  What Vince, you were expecting something else?  This is a prime example of ‘When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong’ (YouTube it).  A lesson to Vince, your actions have repercussions.  You can’t act like a baby for years at a time and expect to be treated like Drew Brees.  Want to be treated like a man?  Take your thumb out of your mouth, take off those full suit ‘footie’ pajamas, and start acting like one.

Notes and ShoutoutsCongrats to Allen Iverson for his brilliant start on his new basketball team Besiktas, located in Turkey.  Iverson, who made the jump overseas because no NBA team would sign him, had promised at the airport to give fans “something they haven’t seen before.”  AI then proceeded to drop a staggering 2 points in his league opener! Literal LOL!!  Don’t get me wrong, Iverson is one of the best players in the history of the NBA (With one of the best nicknames ever: ‘The Answer’), but he has never fully bought into the team concept, as well as never going ‘all in’ on defense, or practice for that matter.  Now someone peel Iverson out of that jersey before ‘the answer’ turns back into a mere question. 

Huge shoutout to Dan Rourke for helping me build the site, and for continued tech support!


17 Responses to Vinceable

  1. JessupP says:

    Masterful way to include Jim Kelly into this blog…. will u please write a blog explaining why Jim Kelly is a top-5 quarterback ALL TIME? thanks

  2. joe harris says:

    December weather is in the air, has anybody else sensed it is about that time? As I read all of the great blogs out there in the Capital District (especially the house of hoops on timesunion and byesline is slightly intriguing) I begin to wonder what our major storylines will be this year. Will it be the Lakers defending their NBA championship, the Thunder looking for their first, or the biggest debacle in NBA history occuring down in Miami. My sources have told me that earlier today (November 26th) Eric Spolstra met with Miami Heat owner Pat RIley. Apparently Riles is fired up and the name being tossed around the locker room is one that should surpirse nobody. Jeff Van Gundy, thats right ,Jeff Van Gundy may be the new heat coach within two weeks. As we follow this storyline ever so closely lets grasp the meaning of this. Van Gundy is Stan Van Gundys brother. This implicates for those of you who don’t follow the NBA ( R. DIjohn , and any other uneducated masses of blog followers that don’t have the NBA package) that STAN VAN AND JEFF VAN WOULD BE COACHING AGAINST EACH OTHER! Two brothers going mono e mono. CAN YOU IMAGINE? I dont know if I would be able to leave my house..Would you? AS you people weigh in on this remember that this would be two brothers coaching against each other for an Southeast division titile. WHat can be better? Who would there parents choose to root for? What if one of their kids loves LEbron and the other Dwight Howard, does this lead to divorce? As you folks weigh in keep in mind that we are talking about two opposins sides with the same bloodlines. I get excited just realming it. BYESLINE_ COuld you take this story and run with it? Give us what you think the real implications of this will be? Just let it flow but lets remember we are talking about a potential family coaching war unprecented in league history, Til next time – JH

    • Rocco DiJohn says:

      DUDE get over yourself you don’t work for the NBA! HAHAH this is the best part of your story. You work for the NBA but read the house of hoops? Common bro get a life. The shit your making up make me almost died because i’m laughing so hard i can’ even breath! Dude your harilous and don’t work for the NBA and know NOTHING ABOUT SPORTS! Did you know the NBA has started its season?? Get off the preseason hype of the thunder… There in 6th in the west you make it sound like there going for a ring right now.. Dude that was the hype on them oct 26th. Have you heard of the spurs? First place? You know NOTHING bout the NBA! Go watch your celtics on ESPN classic bro. Or meet me at TGIF’s and buy me some drinks and I’ll fill you in what is actully going on in sports today!

      • joe harris says:

        Wo lets not jump to judgement. As byesline said I think your criticism is beyond constructive. If you don’t know what that means (assuming you may not have attended school) go to wikipedia,com and look it up. TO clarify your point the spurs are very good at 12-1 they have Ginoblili, Jefferson, Parlker, Duncan, and my favorite Dejuan Blair. They look very good and one can only wonder if they can keep it up. Its tough to keep anything up as you get older, just ask the viagra guys.Indeed i do work for the NBA and my inside story will soon be released. Jeff Van GUndy to the heat..and as far as the TGIF reference goes il meet you there..where and what time? Il be in Detroit tonight for the Milwaukee Detroit game but should be back on the east coast by Sunday. Till next time- JH

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        HAHAHA. This is harilous spurs are 13-1 By the way! AHHAHAHAHAH Another wrong fact from good old JOEY BOY! Anyone can throw out names from the spurs team joe. Nothing about the thunder tho? NOTHING? NO? Alright well just keep throwning out wrong facts on here makes me laugh everytime and keep giving me storys brother! (till the next time) haha

    • Anonymous says:

      Please tell me this is not a serious post, Joe. Your “sources”??? People that don’t have the NBA package are uneducated NBA fans??? You wouldn’t be able to leave your house if two brothers coached opposite each other in the same division??? Parents getting a divorce over if the kids like LBJ or DHoward??? Why in the world do you think that Byesline would take this story and run with it? Do you really expect someone to run with a story they heard from a comment on internet blog? For all we know you could be a 13 year old girl named Thelma.
      Joe your NBA takes are hilarious, at best. I don’t think that you’ve made one sensible comment yet aside from the fact that, yes, if the Heat do continue this terrible pace it would be one of the biggest debacles in NBA history. Other than that you’re comments are so far out Cheech and Chong couldn’t reach them. NBA package hasn’t helped your NBA knowledge at all. Till next time Joe!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Joe do us all a favor and never come back to this site you fucking idiot

  4. Joe Harris says:

    Whose at fault here? jeff fishcer or Vince Young. Look at what Michael Vick is doing and try to tell me VInce Young cant be doing the same..Vince Young is frustrated beyond belief with how Fishcer has used him his whole career. Honestly , Vince Young is like Michael Vick on steroids, they probably come from similar gorillas if you trace their roots back. Young is voicing his frustration with the way his career has gone. THe guy beat arguably the best USC team ever (leinart, white,bush, 4 first round defense guys) for the national championship and look at his lack of production..Fischer won’t admit it but he is not the kind of coach who will develop somebody. Young needs a mentor and then he can put his god like football skills to use. If not then trade him..they won’t because they know ten to fifteen teams would start him right away. There won’t be any music city miracles for awhile with Fischer at the helm. Young deserves to play, FIshcer deserves to teach him, and he doenst want to…until next time i remain-

    ps.happy thanksgiving to all

    • Rocco DiJohn says:

      JOE HARRIS! Again man get your facts straight… Bush and Leinart were the ONLY 2 USC guys draft in the first around that year.. Where and Why? are you making up facts that 4 defense players were drafted in the first round? Are you KIDDING ME!!!! I Couldn’t disagree more with you. Jeff Fisher is the longest 10 year coach in the NFL. In a era where coachs are in and out and are fired for 9-7 records these days its crazy he has been the coach of the titans for 17 years! If Vince Young is soo good why did Collins come in and win 12 games straight 2 seasons ago? No way in hell would 15 teams start Vince Young. 15 teams wouldn’t even be interested in the guy after the stuff he has pulled as zachs blog has told us about. Vince has been in the NFL for 6 years and your still talking about some national championship game? Dude get over it, its college. Ken Dorsey, Craig Krenzel also won national championship games for there teams and what they just need a mentor too and they will be Tom Brady on Steroids? Hahaha

      Just so everyone knows Joe Harris’s point he actully said Vince Young Under 500% carrier record is better than the NFL MVP michael vick, B/c he beat a USC team that was “greatest ever” (but he had those facts wrong too!) and the longest 10year coach in the NFL isn’t good basicly… Oh ya Joe Vince walked out on Fishcer how can you teach a player let alone the QB anything if he walks out on you??

      Joe you know nothing about sports and your facts are wrong in every one of your comments and I love it, your bring up shit from years ago. Get in touch with sports today. Download the ESPN app. or Turn on 104.5 sometime or 980. They talk sports all day maybe you will get an idea of actully whats going on. Thanks!

      • Joe Harris says:

        rocco dijohn? who are you? i work for the nba and last i checked you did what? you went to college where? I have actually heard of you and look up the facts four defensemen did get drafted, they were underclassmen, us college graduates know stuff like that. til next time- JH

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        JOEY – You said 4 first round defense guys. If you didn’t know thats only the first 32 picks in the NFL not the whole draft… Yes I know there defense guys got draft but you said first round you FUCKING IDIOT! HAHHAHA

        On the other case : I’m glad you heard of me bc you know then that I will show up at TGIF’s and beat your fucking ass. Any night you wanna meet there buddy. (NBA) nah your a fucking drunk at TGIF’s HAHAHA. And if you really have heard of me? Then you should know I will show up….

    • JB says:

      Joe, nice to see you talking sports. However I couldn’t disagree with you more about Vince Young. How is he like Vick on steroids? Vick is faster and has a stronger, more accurate throw. The only thing Vince has on him is his size – which we all know does not equal greatness (see JaMarcus “BUST” Russell).
      Just because he was great in college does not mean he has the talent for the NFL. There have been plenty of incredible college players who just don’t measure up in the NFL – Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, Joe Harrington, JaMarcus to name a few. I bring this up to say that Young’s college success means absolutely nothing right now.
      What evidence is there that Fisher doesn’t want to teach him? Fisher sat him because of the thumb injury and Young acted like a child. Whether or not Fisher has been a good mentor or not does not excuse Young from getting rid of his jersey, pads, throwing a tantrum and walking out on his team in the locker room. That sounds more like a 8 year old girl than a 27 year old man.

  5. The guy u snuff in the stripclub says:

    does any one esle find it weird that vince and a bunch of guys are all shirtless and all sweaty in a club?vince get ur head out of ur ass the rose bowl was 7 years ago. u dont want to be like ur boy matty a career back-up

  6. Rocco DiJohn says:

    Vince Young is going to join Iverson very soon…

  7. JB says:

    Great job on this one Z, I agree with the first comment that this is your best one yet. The pictures you’ve found for some of these posts are absolutely perfect for the subject at hand! You’ve got great takes on these subjects. On top of this already funny story, it was reported today that Vince texted, yes TEXTED, his coach an apology for Sunday’s events. Man up Vince, PICK UP THE PHONE!

  8. 489ers says:

    If your giving shout outs at the end of post now, please include others!

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is your best blog yet in my opinion. Half relaying of the facts of the story and half very witty, very good takes. Well done, keep this up and you’re well on your way! My favorite line was the “That’s some baggage even Southwest Airlines isn’t letting fly free” – perfect!

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