‘Coming Down’ from the weekend

The 'San-Chize'

Weekends are awesome.  Weekdays are not.  Monday has returned with a vengeance, but in the spirit of those 48 hours of bliss we hold so dear, lets peer into the rearview for some of the highlights from this weekend.  Does anyone care that Jimmy Johnson won his 5th straight NASCAR championship?  I’ve tried to trick myself into thinking im interested, but it’s like one of those movies or songs we claim we “really like”, but when it’s time to watch that movie or listen to that song somehow there’s always something better on.  How about the Jets comeback?  The J-E-T-S  jets jets jets blew a 16 point 4th quarter lead to the Texans only to have Mark Sanchez lead a game winning drive that culminated in a 6-yard touchdown pass to Santonio Holmes with 10 seconds left.   Holmes, a man after my own heart, began running around the field when the buzzer sounded doing the ‘airplane’ celebration.  Classic.  Best wishes goes out to Brad Childress in joining that large number of Americans looking for work.  Thank God that abortion of a season in Minnesota has come to a end for Brad.  The only positive for Childress is he had been stabbed in the back so many times in the locker room his street credit is at a all-time high.  The Patriots/Colts game lived up to the hype for the most part, but I must say, I was not expecting Peyton Manning to make that kind of blunder on the would-be game winning drive.  Who else saw Manning on the sideline as time expired, helmet still on, with that look of a sadness mixed with disbelief.  For whatever reason Manning looked to me  like a boy again, and I couldn’t help but feel bad for the guy.  But it’s Peyton Manning, he’ll get over it.  How about Steve Johnson from Buffalo,who had their biggest comeback since 1997, lifting up his shirt in the end zone to reveal the words on his shirt: “Why so serious”?  It took me a second, but I then remembered they were playing the Bengals who have ‘Batman and Robin’, Terrell Owens and Ochocinco.  It’s actually pretty funny on Johnson’s part, not that he has the clout to pull a stunt like that, but pulled off nicely nonetheless.  Respect.  How about the NBA getting its first buzzer beater from Rudy Gay, draining his fade away against the Heat with zero’s on the clock.  Shots like that make me grunt, and say things like “Ughh, hold that.”  (Old habit).  But seriously,  is there anything better than a buzzer beater?  Yes.  The celebration after the buzzer beater. 

NOTES AND SHOUTOUTS:  I can only hope someone saw Blake Griffin go off the other night.  My favorite rookie/man crush messed around and ended up with 44 points, 15 rebounds, and 7 assists in a loss to the Knicks.  Dude can stuff a stat sheet like a Thanksgiving turkey.  Forget the fact they lossed, Clipper nation stopped keeping track of losses years ago.  His dunks Saturday night alone qualify him as a legend.  Thanks Blake, now put down Dora and keep handing out facials like you…um…work at a spa? 

28 Responses to ‘Coming Down’ from the weekend

  1. JessupP says:

    disagree. Stevie Johnson does have the clout in fact to develop such a hilarious end zone celebration.
    #1 he is good friends with TO, stemming from their year in Buffalo together.
    #2 he has pro-bowl numbers.. take a look at his league standing for catches on 3rd down– whoa staggering
    #3 9 touchdowns so far this year.
    #4 Played his collegiate ball at kentucky.. why wouldnt he want to punk any team from cinci-nasty? and finally
    #5 it was just flat-out funny
    if he and kyle williams dont make the pro-bowl… i’m going to vomit

  2. Anonymous says:

    Poor poor Joe….I just keep nodding and smiling wondering when the sorry drunk will stop talking so I can get back to the party…..we’re laughing at you Joe, not with you.

  3. mr. grammar says:

    You are equals you’re not your — an instead of a when the next word starts with a vowel—grade school stuff

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s funny you should point out someone’s grammar errors when “mr” should be capitalized along with a ‘grammar’. Also a comma is due after “you’re” in your sentence. Your whole sentence is grammatically poor and doesn’t even end with a period. Nothing is funnier than someone correcting grammar on an internet board while failing at grammar in the process. Your post equals FAIL.

    • mr. grammar says:

      hello?! I’m not writing a blog nor trying I think it’s wonderful that byesline has full support from his pals however, to achieve recognition for being a serious blog, the basics are a minimum a middle school paper wouldn’t let that stuff slide please correct grammatically and re-post

      • Mr. Grammer??? says:

        A) That is a absurd run on sentence. B) Throw in a comma now and then, your sentences are very poor, even for a comment board..

      • Kevin Green says:

        I’ve been reading the blog regularly but this is my first time commenting. I just read through the blog and could not find the errors you’re referring to. BTW this is a blog by an individual. This is not an ESPN or FoxSports article that goes through about 3 professional editors 3 times over before going to print. I think you could cut the guy a little bit of slack. Some constructive criticism is always good, but a lie that it doesn’t pass a middle school paper is crazy talk. Just be real man.
        PS – I’m not a pal of Zach’s, in fact I don’t even know him. I visited due to a facebook reference about 3 or 4 people removed from Zach.

      • ByesLine says:

        Kevin, Thank you so much firstly for checking out the blog, I truly hope you return. Second, thank you providing a sound perspective in the midst of all the whoopla that can take place on a comment board. Constructive comments are appreciated, bashing the blog for no reason is not. Thanks again for your viewership and i hope I can keep you entertained!!

    • joe harris says:

      My comments on this blog were removed by the blogger. Ive never seen or heard of that before..It is ok though, it is to be expected. Can you readers imagine JIm Rome not being able to take constructive criticism. This blog is decent but if you can’t comment then whats the point.

      • ByesLine says:

        Constructive criticism is welcomed. You have continously attacked the blog for reasons beyond me. “This blog is shit” is not criticism. Telling me to stop writing is not constructive. You claim the blog sucks, yet you keep coming back and posting comments nearly every day. Now you take the plunge and say the blog is ‘decent’. I originally thanked you for your comments no matter if we dissagreed, but after a while your bashing just gets old. I reserve every right to take your comments down because you don’t talk about the content. You talk about me. If the blog sucks that bad please stop viewing. The numbers are very strong with or without you. You are still welcome to Byesline’s comment board as long as you keep your criticism to the content. Everything else will, in fact, be removed. Thanks.

      • JB says:

        Joe it’s pretty simple – your comments were not constructive criticism. In fact, the criticism wasn’t even valid.

        You made up stories to bolster your comments. You lied about your employment. You cursed out the blogger for not using facts, even though he and numerous comments proved they were correct.

        It’s plain, to everyone but you, that the blogger has given you more than enough chances to leave legitimate comments like everyone else, but you don’t know how to stop because you’re just being yourself – a first class jerk. 99% of what you said was NOT constructive criticism in any way shape or form. Do you even know what constructive criticism is?

        I think everyone would be happy to have you on here commenting and discussing sports if you can leave the hate, vitriol and lies out of it. There have been a few comments from people stating what they’d like to see better from the blog, no one cares about that. What gets you deleted is when you come across as a cursing lunatic who lies and tries to sound like a top notch sports fan while posting NUMEROUS pieces of false information. For instance, personally I’d love to see you debate your case as to why LeBron James is perhaps the most overrated NBA player ever (as you said). Can you do this without sounding like someone in the psych ward who hid their pills under their tongue only to spit them out after the attending looks away?

  4. Joe Harris' Mother says:

    I wish I would have chugged drain-O the night I was knocked up with Joe.

  5. ByesLine says:

    Joe, Let me cut right to the chase. Your takes suck and they dont make sense. National story? Whats more national than the NFL? NBA? Literally besides your one critisism of the Brady/Manning post, every one of your thoughts have been inaccurate. In just 10 days you have lied about where you work, where you were when fake events happened that you have conjured up in that tiny little brain of yours, and have been flat out wrong about “facts”. (See paul pierce post’s comments, as well as Kevin love post’s comments). I can easily take your comments down because they are baseless and mildly retarded, but I’d rather keep them up as a joke. Get it Joe? Your a punchline! This is your 4th comment in 10 days of a blog you supposedly hate! Halarious! Have you evolved in reverse and returned to your true primate status? Either get a life, or get your own blog. You should try snorting some miracle grow and hope it seeps into that Kentucky Fried brain of yours and reproduces cells, because this is the last time I’ll address a mental midget.

  6. Joe Harris says:

    Poorly written, stick to your strengths, writings not one of them

    • Joe Harris says:

      write about topics the mass public cares about

      • Anonymous says:

        Hahaha Joe Harris is BACK!? Love it, I thought you were done with this blog? Dude you really need to get a life man, You know nothig about sports still lying about were you work and what you do? Common bro really? Your coming on a sports blog and comment on shit you don’t even know about? Go back to watching your Celtics on ESPN classic. You went from commenting on the topic and getting every fact wrong to commenting on his writing? Thats because you NO NOTHING ABOUT SPORTS!!! Your the ass hole that can’t even go to a real bar and drink because you would just get your ass beat so you have to go to your local “franchise restaurants” for some drinks and makes and idiot out of himself to try and feel like a tough guy…

      • Joe Harris' Parents says:

        What a loser you are

  7. Michael says:

    ZB – Your writing gets better with each blog…Keep it up!!!
    I really enjoy your thoughts.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How about: Keep on handing out facials like you’re Ron Jeremy?
    Yes, the guy that went THERE

  9. J says:

    Uhhh how come when I put the cursor over the Sanchez photo on my blackberry it says “Dirty Sanchez”… LoL

  10. tom brady says:

    hey manning tell me how my ass taste. from ur frenemy

    -tom brady

  11. Anonymous says:

    I believe that face you’re referring to on Manning is this – http://www.manningface.com

  12. Anonymous says:

    Come on, someone wants to see LeBronte West (after his father, Delonte) win a championship?

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