‘Sunday Funday’

Brady's Locks of Gold Getting Some Air.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let me first and foremost give thanks to professional football, which allow me to roll out of bed on a Sunday with a sense of purpose.  Throughout the season there are some weeks of football that are merely snoozers.  No mega matchups, no side stories, no luster.  This week is not in that category.  NFL’s Week 11 is more or less (more) Christmas coming early.  The highlighted bout between the Colts and the Patriots has everyone and their Ditka talking.  The continuous analyzing from every media outlet of Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning is well deserved.  The best two quarterbacks of my generation square off in a AFC battle which feels closer to two Greek gods waging war rather than meer mortals.  The professionalism, the talent level, and of course the resumes of these two quarterback’s are second to none.  The argument, who would you rather take on your team, has filled the mouth of every pundit from the Golden Coast to Florida’s tip.  Being a wanna-be ‘pundit’ myself, can I weigh in?  As I second guess myself this very moment, I’d say give me Brady.  Not only because  I’d like to run my fingers through his hair (kidding…mostly), but Brady’s ‘big-game’ resume is more legit than anyone I have seen.  His passion and fire for the game is worn on his sleeve, while seemingly never being out-of-control.  Not taking anything away from Manning, who statistically is the best QB of this era.  Eerily similar to Wrestlemania VI, Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan, the choice of Brady and Manning is a win-win (No one, besides me, should take that analogy seriously).  You know it’s a strong week when the secondary story is Bret Favre against his old Packer team.  This is likely the last time the ‘ol gun-slinger’ will square off against ‘the Pack’.  So although this story line has become as redundant as…well…I guess nothing is more redundant than a Bret Favre story.  The point is, let’s enjoy it this last time.  Did I mention the Giants traveling to the hollowed ground of killa-delphia pistol-vania to play the Eagles?  With the hype surrounding Vick at a all-time high, and the NFC East being what it is anyway, I don’t expect anything less than a dogfight great game.  (Sorry I still can’t help it).  So set your Sunday alarms to 11:30am, pop your aspirin to help neutralize your Saturday night, and start getting after it.  Enjoy.

Parker and Eva

Notes And Shoutouts: The San Antonio Spurs  guard Tony Parker is getting a divorce from his dime-piece wife Eva Longoria.  The early reports are coming out that, apparently, Parker was sleeping around with one of his teammates wives.  This is poor form Tony.  Teammates wives are off-limits.  Oh, and Tony, in case you forgot I’ll remind you, YOUR WIFE IS FREAKING EVA LONGORIA.  Why go to the store and pay for milk when you have a cow at home?  Think about it.

(BTW:  In Byesline’s first 7 days of exsistance, there has been over 3,000 views.  That’s only 168 hours.  Thank you to everyone who is taking part.  If you have not added the site to your favorites, do so.  Tell a friend, get a tattoo of it, anyway you can support it is greatly appreciated.  I feel we are on to something and i hope that you as a viewer feel apart of it, because you are.  You keep coming back and i’ll continue to cook up the sports madness in my frontal lobe. Thanks again).


8 Responses to ‘Sunday Funday’

  1. Does your site have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d like to send
    you an e-mail. I’ve got some creative ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.

  2. Joe Harris says:

    A Blog- not supposed to be advertising for the netwroks. I am close to taking your blog off my radar, Very strong points but the NFL doesn’t need ratings and we certainitly all know a good game when we see one. How about some back stories or something we didn’t know? Telling us that Brady vs Manning is must see T.V. is like telling me the Lakers Celtics have a good rivalry. Give us something more, go outside the obvious. Give us some news thats not obvious. Il give you one more chance and after that this is done-

    • TJ says:

      This is decent constructive criticism Joe, but can you stop acting like some ‘big wig’ who carries clout? No one really cares if you take this blog off your radar. I agree with a commentor from a previous post, if you’re such an expert u should really start your own blog. I think you’re right that this post could use some substance, maybe make weekly picks or tell us why u think Brady is better right now, other than that I like the post, further depth would only make it better. Joe just needs help communicating that without sounding like an asshole.

  3. Daniel Ciarmiello says:

    Longoria is 35 dude, Tony’d be better off smashin Evan Longoria. Parker probably throws chicks hotter than Eva on the regular. Agreed that the teammates piece is off-limits, that’s pretty brazen, does this guy think he’s Tiger Woods or something?

    • ByesLine says:

      HAHAHA “throws chicks”??? Wowzers. I love a strong take!

    • Anonymous says:

      Just because Tony can “throw chicks” on a regular basis does not mean he should. It seems to me that these famous professional athletes especially NBA stars feel as if they can cheat, smash, text, “shout at” and smush (as Snooki would say) whoever they want. But the crazy part is most of them are married!! If you want to slore around be my guest, just don’t do it on someone elses account. Who is next Lamar and Khloe??

      • Daniel Ciarmiello says:

        Lamar already cheats on Khloe. That broad looks like Kris Jenner got knocked up by Baby Huey and pinned the baby on Robert Kardashian. Lamar has Kobe’s sloppy seconds and I GUARANTEE that he’s wearing them out every road trip.

  4. Jeff D says:

    Great post Zach, Keep em comin.

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