Breaking news!  Greg Oden is out for the remainder of the 2010-11 season.  For those of you that are unaware, the season, for Oden, never really started.  In fact, the career of the once highly touted number 1 overall pick in the 2007 NBA draft never really began in the first place.  I feel bad for Oden.  Partly because he looks like he is roughly 107 years old, when in reality, he’s in his early 20’s.  But the real reason I have a soft spot in my heart for the 7-foot ogre is that he’s actually a decent human being.  The young man wants to be good.  Wants to be great.  But Oden for years now has been plagued by one injury after another.  Even in his only season at Ohio  State, he sat out a portion due to his hand injury.  Since being drafted, he’s only played in a few games here and there, and has largely been out of the news.  Unless you count the time where Oden was snapping pictures of his own ‘junk’ in the mirror and sending it to his ex-girlfriend.  (Aside:  If your going to snap pictures of your ‘vein cain’ and send them to a woman, be ready for those very pics to pop up again when she is scorned.)  Oden’s team in Portland will have to go ahead and blaze trails without him yet again, which  as an organization has had a dark cloud over it ever sinced they passed on Michael Jordan in the 1984 draft.  The comparisons of Oden to Sam Bowie are redundant and there’s no point to beating a dead horse (not a reference to the sent pictures), but it should be mentioned that the Blazers haven’t had an excellent draft resume over the years.  Get well Greg, hopefully in time we can remember you for something else than being a bust. (Again, not a reference). 

Notes and Shoutouts:   Former boxing great Bernard Hopkins spoke out against Manny Pacquiao for not fighting black oppenents that are from the United States.  “Floyd Mayweather would beat Manny Pacquiao because the styles that African-American fighters-and I mean, black fighters from the streets or inner cities-would be successful,” said Hopkins according to fanhouse.com.  Whoa.  Large statement Bernard.  What would race have to do with a fight?  The style?  Why wouldn’t a white fighter from the inner cities have that same style?  Why wouldn’t a black fighter from the suburbs, or a black fighter who grew up on a farm not possess the style or capability to beat Manny Pacquiao?  I’m not sure I understand.  Scratch that, I think I do understand…understand that it’s a idiotic statement.  I love Bernard Hopkins and when he speaks he always has my undivided attention, but this was a little much.  Leave the race talk to Rush Limbaugh and Jessie Jackson. Stick to your strong suits like annalyzing fights or bringing up in nearly every interview how in prison you used to make a mean grilled cheese with a  iron and a shoebox.  Thanks man!


13 Responses to ‘Oh-Oden’

  1. Uncle Led says:

    Greg Oden should have pursued a modeling career…. Just my opinion… Hey bird!

  2. JG Braga says:

    Are we talking about JOE, THE PLUMMER?? lmao

  3. The Coach says:

    Joe, let’s be honest; you’re just frustrated because those same missing Google skills that make it difficult for you to figure out when Kobe was drafted are also making it difficult for you to find said pictures of Mr. Oden’s “black mamba,” and this is making you upset. That doesn’t mean you have to take it out on everyone else who reads this blog.

  4. jsyzrup says:

    I used to sell Kirby vacuum cleaners in the Indianapolis IN area, and TRUE STORY, I made one of my first sales to this young kid named Jason Howard, who at the time was like assistant VP of ticket sales for the Indiana Pacers. He made a comment that he needed a new vacuum for his office bc the cleaning staff didnt do an adequate job.. anyway… deep breath…. JOE, does this mean that I am a valid NBA employee as well?… bc I’m updating my resume…. thanks Joe.

  5. Will Monica says:

    I wish Bernard Hopkins was still in jail…..

  6. Joe Harris says:

    Poorly written, poor topic choice, Why don’t we limit this blog to twice a week. Your becoming a flame that is running out of gas. Take a break and comeback, this post is awful.

    • Anonymous says:


      Your first few comments on Mr. Bye’s blog were irritating, the next were comical, now they’re just sad. I picture you as the middle aged loser who visits the same sad bar every night so you can feel like you have a few friends. In reality, those around you just nod and smile because no one has the heart to tell you to beat it…..and neither do I. As long as you keep posting we’ll keep nodding and smiling wondering how much longer until you stop talking so we can get back to the party.

    • ByesLine says:

      Joe, thanks for checking out the blog again! Though you think the post is awful, I’ll tell you exactly why your review validates my blog. Let me start by remindig you less than a week ago you were sayin how you were in California when Paul Pierce was stabbed (Reference Nov. 12th’s post comments). I then proved to you with news outlets ABC, CNN, and USA today that Pierce was sabbed in Boston. So not only am I right, but you made up a lie to prove you were right, in the end making you look horrible. You also claimed you work for the NBA, then proceeded to curse all over the blog. People that work for the NBA wouldn’t do that. They are better than that. I kept your comment up as a joke for the rest of us humans. In your next comment, I was thrilled about your positive nature, good job Joe! But then you made a fool of yourself again by saying Kobe Bryant went 18th in the draft. A NBA employee that wasn’t a janitor would know that Kobe went 13th. Dude, google it or something. Your consistantly negative and obviously upset you haven’t done something constructive with your exsistance. I don’t blame you, I’d be pissed.

      • ProfS says:

        Good for you, Zach!! Negative, factual comments are 1 thing, ignorance & puffery in order to salve one’s ego are something else. Joe needs to get a life!! Told you at the game on Wednesday night I’d check out Byesline – glad I did & will be back. Shout out to Will & Brian!

    • Anonymous says:

      *SIGH* Joe are you really back again with this nonsense? I strongly suggest you get a life and perhaps start your own blog since you seem to know exactly what a perfectly written blog with the perfect topic should look like. Though, to tell the truth, I highly doubt that it would be read by more than a few people, let alone break the top 25 out of hundreds of new blogs on WordPress (as Byesline has done).

      After your credibility got destroyed on the “love to hear the Pierce go tweet tweet tweet” comments section, that would normally be the time when your friends would tell you to stop while your this far behind, though I think it’s obvious why that didn’t happen… you don’t have any.

      To recap your pathetic comments on Byesline:
      1) You got mad at Byesline for calling Pierce a “studio gangster” when in fact Byesline was simply quoting Udonis Haslem.
      2) You proceed to say that Pierce was stabbed in Oakland, when in fact he was never stabbed in Oakland (if he was, please provide news link regarding this story – don’t worry… we’ll wait). He was stabbed in Boston. You made up a story that he was stabbed in Oakland BEFORE the Boston stabbing… Riiiight Joe, riiight.
      3) You curse all over your comments while claiming that LeBron James (who had nothing to do with the blog post) is perhaps the most overrated player of all time. You say this is backed up with facts while providing none.
      4) You say you work for the NBA. And I’m Santa Claus. But for the record Joe, giving folks their ice cold Miller Lite in a neon green shirt does NOT count as working for the NBA, though while you’re over here, pass me and my boys a beer, and some popcorn too.
      5) You claim that Byesline did not use any facts in his post, yet curiously you could not disprove a single statement he made. Interesting.
      6) Rocco DiJohn posts numerous pieces of evidence listing the accomplishments of LeBron James in response to your claim he is overrated; curiously you can’t reply with a single valid argument in rebuttal.
      7) Overall you looked like a complete fool for getting so defensive of your boyfriend Pierce, since Byesline was saying he loved that Pierce took that shot at James (or did you forget to even read the title of that post, “LOVE to hear the Pierce”. So now we know you lack basic reading comprehension as well as the ability to debate on a basic level.
      8) Now you come on here with nothing more than your opinions, which have just been proven to be meaningless.

      Joe, I strongly suggest that you take the advice in your own comment, ‘take a break and come back’ because I agree with you, your post is awful. You are the definition of a HATER.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The comments regarding the photos are crude baseless and inappropriate. Furthermore whatever happened with those photos are between Oden, the girl he sent them too and the NBA… Not for everyone else. Good day to you, sir.
    Brett Favre

  8. Jumel H says:

    LOL It seems B-HOP took a couple shots too many to the noggin

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