It’s Back “Baby!!”

'Brothers Grim'

I feel like a drug addict who hasn’t had a hot needle in his veins since last February. My drug? College basketball. My needle? Dick Vitale. All kidding aside, college hoops are back and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The return of old familiar faces like Coach K (Duke) and Gary Williams (Maryland) are back on my television. We say goodbye to former college stars who have made the early jump to the NBA, like Kentucky’s John Wall, and those who have merely graduated; forever leaving their mark on the sport, like Duke’s Jon Scheyer. Hello again, to Jay Bilas and his fundamental approach on the game, and to Digger Phelps, who somehow is still matching the color of his tie to the highlighter in his hand (Digger: The jokes over, guy).
But one detail of this college basketball season that makes it unique are the ‘Brothers’. Lets start with how unusual it is for anyone to play at the highest level of Division 1 basketball. There are nearly 350 Division 1 teams in the U.S.A. That’s not a lot. Lets say 60 of those teams are ‘high’ D1 ball. Your Michigan States, your Florida’s, your UCLA’s. If you are good enough to be on one of these teams, furthermore your good enough to achieve playing time, that’s pretty serious. Somehow your brother, whom you have grown up with step in step, loved basketball too! (In Grandma voice) ‘How Special’! Turns out your both nice at hoop. Both end up playing at the highest level of college basketball, and choose the same school to go to! Not only are you on the team, you’re both getting crazy playing time, in the same position! This is very unusual. So what would you say if I told you that two of the most historic basketball programs in history have a pair of brothers that are not only on the roster, but are killing it. This is exactly the case with Duke and Kansas! At Duke, the Plumlee brothers Mason and Miles are both athletic big men contributing in a large way, and its difficult to tell the two apart. At Kansas, the Morris brothers Marcus and Markieff are actually freaking twins. These two monsters (6’9″ and 6’10”, respectively) both had double doubles in there first game! They both combined for 35 points, just 9 points less Valparaiso who they beat 79-44. Imagine the Morris boys mother lugging these little monsters in her oven for 9 months! Let alone squeezing them out. She deserves the Naismith award! And lets not forget the Wear twins from North Carolina who transferred to UCLA this spring (Although the Wear twins will sit out this season due to transfer rules). There are few things stronger in this life than the bond of brothers, the fact that these three sets will be showcasing their talents on the highest level of college hoops makes me warm and fuzzy. So let the jump ball go up, the popcorn pop, and the drinks spill when I hop off the couch for highlight dunks. Enjoy.

P.S. If you have not added to your favorites, I hope you go blind.

Notes and Shoutouts:   I hope I’m not the only person who saw this story.  A 8-year old kid with a Jets jersey was tackled by a Browns fan who was drunk after Sundays game in Cleveland.  The kid was walking, holding his dads hand after the game when angry Browns fans began throwing food at them.  Then, from behind, this F’n A-hole highlighted this kid.  The kid reportedly was lying on the ground crying.  Leave it to a Cleveland fan to get wasted and tackle a child FROM BEHIND!  At least look the kid in his eyes before you truck him.  In all seriousness, this grown man should be skinned in a public square and rolled in a large salt bowl. 


8 Responses to It’s Back “Baby!!”

  1. Scoop says:

    Loving the blogs kid, keep up the good work, who knew ud go from a flock of bird followers to a nation of sports fanatics! Birdman Baby!

  2. Will Monica says:

    Zach this shit is getting very good. I don’t know how you pick your topics but College bball was a great choice.

  3. Brian Lindsay says:

    I agree I am very excited for college basketball to be starting back up. Looking forward to see how kids from back home in the capital region do such as Talor Battle and Jimmer Freddette. Also, especially now that I live in NC I focus mostly on the ACC. This past summer I went to a few of Jerry Stackhouses summer league games to get a sneak preview on players such as Kyrie Irving and Seth Curry of Duke and Harrison Barnes and Reggie Bullock of UNC and CJ Leslie, Ryan Harrow and Lorenzo Brown for NC State to name a few did not dissapoint. This is going to be another great year for college basketball

  4. Andy P says:

    Dude solid piece of writing.Coming from me,a guy w a twin brother who got the shot to share the experience of playin hoops w my bro.College ball is back in a goodway.well said my dude Mr.Bye. Ill def spread the word of your easy man

  5. Anonymous says:

    LMAO about the ‘hot needle’ and rolling the skinned man in a salt bowl! Very funny stuff, keep it coming.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Maybe your best post yet! Thanks Zachary

  7. Michael says:

    Thank god for college hoops “baby.” Let the diaper dandy’s shine. Great comments. 24 straight hours of college hoops on ESPN really wet the whistle. Go Syracuse and Duke…My final picks. Duke will cut the nets down again.

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