According to his agent, Donovan McNabb has just received a 5-year contract extension from the Washington Redskins for the sum of 78 million dollars! ($1,000,000 x 78).  Cash.  Cheese.  Cheddar.  McNabb has been hogging more headlines in the last two weeks than Bret Favre in July.  Not because of stellar performances that would warrant a contract for the better half of 100 freaking million dollars, but because his own coach Mike Shanahan benched him in  a fourth quarter, one possession game and then proceeded to crip-walk around the reason why he did it.  Mcnabb who is now 34 years old has had a less than superb year thus far in Washington.  Going into Mondays showdown with the Eagles, McNabb’s passer rating was a dismal 76.0,  his worst since 1999!  Yuck.  It gets better.  His 3rd down completion percentage is 44.9%, which ranks 38th in the league!  (BTW there were only 39 Quarterbacks who qualified).  Even George W. Bush thinks these are poor numbers in Washington (that was a joke).  Why would he receive such an extension at this point in the season? What is the downside to waiting until the off-season? Because there may not be football and you want to lock him up? If there is a lockout, McNabb wouldn’t have a job either, plus this up coming draft is chuck full of QB talent. Let me remind you, this is his only season in Washington.  McNabb has shown nothing to the Coach, teammates, ownership, or the fans of Washington to earn that contract.  This isn’t the Derek Jeter effect where you could argue that he may be owed something for past performance.   The sad part is that I like McNabb.  A stand up guy who plays hard, always says the right thing, and never gets in trouble.  But if he were playing even remotely close to how he used to when he was leading the charge to the NFC’s  title game in what seemed like every year, he would still be playing in an Eagles uniform.  Which brings me to Mike Vick.  Coming back off a small hiatus because of  a rib injury, Vick took the much-anticipated matchup over, throwing for over 300 yards with four throwing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns! Dude covered the over/under by himself!  Couple that with the fact that Vick has not thrown an interception this season!  If McNabb can get cut that kind of check for the way he has played, what will Vick be looking for this off-season??  A billion?  It was less than two years ago when Vick was completely broke,  locked in a cell, told when he could see daylight, and when to eat.  Fast forward about 20 months and Vick is playing as well as any quarterback in NFL history!  From dropping soap to dropping back.  And lest we forget, it was McNabb who first gave Vick a helping hand when it seemed like nobody would.  It was McNabb who said it was his idea to bring Vick to Philly.   Apply this scenario to your own life.  Imagine you see an old friend in the worst state he’s/she’s ever been.  No job, broke, with the whole world shunning him/her.  You, being the person you are, go the extra mile and get that person a job at your own workplace.  You take them under your wing, and encourage everyone else to give your friend a second chance.  After only a short time, your friend gets asked to do your job every once and while, and he/she starts doing it pretty well, and everyone else begins to again see what you saw in that person.  Your friend then begins to become popular around your job, and in fact everyone loves when they see him/her do your work.  You come in to work one day and you’re asked to leave your job.  They don’t need you anymore.  They have your friend.  Not only are you fired, but your buddy is doing better work at your own job than you probably ever did.  That, my friends, would suck.  In retrospect, do you think Mcnabb would do the same thing all over again?  We will probably never know.  After the game they will smile, hug, and laugh like girls in a high school hallway, but much like those same girls, both will probably deep down toe that competitive line between friend and enemy.


10 Responses to ‘Frenemies’

  1. Jumel says:

    Great blog Zachhhh. This is your best piece yet. Keep up the good work man.

  2. matt ferracane says:

    vick is going to do what Donovan couldnt do, Bring the Lombardi to phili. and you can bet on that!
    great site Z keep but the great work

  3. Anonymous says:

    You’ve probably seen this by now, just in case:

    apparently, Redskins can avoid the $78M hit if they waive McNabb this offseason.

    The real question that needs to be addressed: What about Kevin Kolb? Where does he fit in the analogy? He’s Vick’s frenemy too (so they say).

    A challenge to the Byeline: Continue your high school girl analogy and explain where Kolb fits into this equation.

  4. Benjamin Johnson says:

    Big fan, big fan

  5. BigPert says:

    Yo Zach man, keep doing it big! Love the blogs and love the takes man. Keep it up.

  6. Mike Reyes says:

    Snyder is known to do this. Bring in stars who are past their prime and over pay them. Mcnabb, Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, Troy Vincent, Haynesworth etc.

  7. J Bye says:

    This is another Redskin mystery. The Jim Zorn hiring, the Haynesworth signing and bonus and now McNabb’s contract… they just keep on coming with ridiculous decisions.

  8. Rocco DiJohn says:

    Is Still Wondering how any QB in the league today at age 34 is getting a 4 or 5 year deal? The NFL is so short term for any player this shocked me!

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