“Love, I dont get enough of it.”

Love me? Or Love me not!

Holy Timberwolf! Is it the year 2010?  Someone splash my face with cold water, because I had a dream that Kevin Love went for 31 points and 31 rebounds on Friday night.  “It felt like an out-of-body experience”, Love said after the game.  You felt like you had an out-of-body experience??  What about me? Did I hop in the Delorian and go back to the future?  Is it 1956 where a white dude with little to no athleticism (relative to the NBA athletes nowadays) can just effort his way to a 30/30 game?   Where’s Marty McFly?  Doc?    Answer me this: Who among us could have predicted a guy like Kevin Love, coming out of UCLA, would have this sort of deep impact (Morgan Freeman anyone?) in the League.   Who’s the last guy to go for 30 points and 30 rebounds?  Freaking Moses Malone in 1982!  Gas was 92 cents a gallon in 1982, to put it in perspective of how long it’s actually been since this feat has been done.  I mean, think about it, his name is MOSES!  When Malone was raking in his 30/30, KLove was in first grade probably stuffing his cubbie full of his Knight Rider comics and ET dolls wondering what a ‘scratch and sniff’ sticker was. 

I’m done predicting which players will have overall success in the NBA when they leave school.  Who would have thought that a guy like Carlos Boozer when he was leaving Duke would be an all-star, signing contracts for over 60 million dollars?  A guy like Mike Dunleavy would be a lifelong NBA starter?  Gilbert Arenas (Blat Blat), a second round pick would kill in the League, signing contracts for 100 million plus?  David Lee?  A guy like Darko Milicic would end up….wait, nevermind.  You get the point, and if you didn’t, it’s more or less this:  Don’t let other people tell you what you can and cannot do.  We do not make ceilings, or know for sure the potential for other people.  We each decide consciously or subconsciously what our own ceiling is.  Thanks Kevin, not only for your chinstrap, but your ability to tune out people like me when we told you what you were capable of.


11 Responses to “Love, I dont get enough of it.”

  1. JG Braga says:

    Zach, this was great once again.. but when Moses had the 30/30 game in 82′, Love was 6 yrs away from being born (88).. hahaha

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is what is up! def feeling it keep me up to date

  3. Joe Harris says:

    This is the Kinds of posts that I like to see. Thoughtful, creative, insight, I like it. Add to that list of players who were supposed to be flakes in the NBA (players who were drafted high and weren’t considered to translate into the NBA game): Think about the greatest one of all time- WHat player was chosen 18th and traded for Vlade Divac? THe one and the only Kobe Bryant. Too skinny, can’t shoot, cocky,weak, and had no drive is all I heard when he came out.

    • ByesLine says:

      Great point. On the flip side there are those players who are highly regarded that never fully pan out, such as a Tyrus Thomas, Eddie Curry, or Michael Olowokandi. You just never know for sure.

      • Anonymous says:

        Huh? I’ve never really know a highly touted draft pick to not ‘pan out’… I respectfully disagree with you sir.

        Your 2001 #1 Pick,
        Kwame “Stone Hands” Brown

  4. Bryan says:

    Great historical perspective on this feat. Because it’s Kevin Love (not a guy really promoted by the NBA) and the Timberwolves I don’t think people are treating it the way they would were it LeBron or DHoward. This feat is truly remarkable. I’m glad you devoted a post to it!

  5. Michael says:

    There are so many busts drafted in the first round of the NBA draft. Thank goodness a good guy like Kevin Love isn’t one of them when given the chance to show his stuff. He IS NOT a one game wonder.

  6. J Bye says:

    Zach I think this is your best post yet. Friday night when I saw Kevin’s stat line I could have swore I read it wrong. I didn’t know he could score 30, let alone rip down 30 boards! Shows what hustle can do for you. I say, “To the Delorian!”

  7. Noah McHale says:

    Zach, your blog is sick, i love it dude! Keep up the good writing

  8. adam morrison says:

    Thanks Kevin, I REALLY needed this motivation. I still believe!

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