Love to hear the Pierce go ‘tweet tweet tweet’

A true 'G' LOL

I hope we’ve all heard what Celtics guard Paul Pierce (pictured left, representing) blasted on his twitter account the other night after a win in Miami.  “Its been a pleasure to bring my talents to South Beach now on to Memphis.”   Wowzers.  I’ll be honest, I get off on this stuff.  If I’m driving down the street and I see peoples faces looking agressive I will literally stop my car in hopes of seeing a fight.  So when I see Paul Pierce take a direct shot at Lebron’s adams apple, I get giddy.  This was more than a ‘poke’ at Lebron (thats, believe it or not, actually a stabbing reference, Pierce was stabbed 11 times one night clubbing in Boston in 2000).  But the story gets better.  Udonis Haslem, Lebrons teamate and buddy ol pal responded to a reporter asking him about Pierce’s tweet: “Paul who?  Man, ain’t nobody paying them dudes no attention, man.  You know what studio gangster is?  Look up that, look up the definition of studio gangster.  I’m here to play basketball.  First of all, I dont tweet.  So I wouldnt know what he tweeted if you guys didnt tell me.”  I love Udonis sticking up for his boy.  That’s my favorite when the batter is charging the mound focused on the pitcher only to get rocked from the side by the first baseman.  Udonis is playing first.  And I’m usually 100% on board with a guy who uses ‘man’ twice in the same sentence, let alone a ‘studio gangster’ reference.  It’s only November and I’m sprung like it’s spring.


24 Responses to Love to hear the Pierce go ‘tweet tweet tweet’

  1. Dennis says:

    GREAT – But how do you NOT comment on that thing on Paul’s arm??? What the hell is that?? See that TAT??

  2. Ses Da Great says:

    LOL. I respect Haslem for sticking up for his teammate but he don’t wanna go to war Paul “The Truth” Pierce lol. Lebrons a bitch, Wades still my n*gga, and if the HEAT don’t win 2 of the next 3 Championships then the whole move was an EPIC FAIL!

    BTW, Pierce just beat them dudes twice, he can say whatever he wants lol…

    -SDG over n out!

  3. Ray T. says:

    Just a few points regarding this debate between Joe Harris and, well, everyone else. I just researched for about 15 minutes online and there is not a single reference to Pierce being stabbed in Oakland. I also researched his career before KU and nothing about him being stabbed.
    Joe, if you really work for the NBA then I say you have poor form. None of your criticism was constructive, in fact it was crude and baseless. You first attacked Mr. Bye for calling Pierce a “studio gangster” when in fact Udonis Haslem said that. You lose a lot of credibility right there for not even being familiar with the subject… even after Zach laid down the ground work for the piece with facts by quoting the parties involved. It was clear to me that this particular blog post was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek post showing that the writer being excited that the NBA season is now in full swing and already there is chirping – I think you missed that point. Also, what did LeBron James have to do with this blog besides the fact that obviously Pierce was ‘poking’ fun at him – which again, if you read the blog clearly you would see that Zach said he loved that Pierce did. In fact he used the word ‘giddy’ so I don’t know why you are getting so defensive about Pierce.
    I do agree the blog needs some polishing up, but for his second blog post ever, I say “not bad” and I think this has lots of potential. Zach is clearly witty and quick with his takes – with some polishing and editing I really think this could take off.

    • ByesLine says:

      Whoever Ray T is, im nominating you for the ‘Voice of Reason’ award.
      Joe: Thanks for keeping me on my toes, I hope that one of these days I will have a post up that you like.

  4. Joe Harris says:

    All im saying is if this is going to be hyped up as something special than it needs to be just that. I heard that this Bye kid was something to look into and I come on here and I see this shit. For the last time , Pierce was stabbed fatally in Oakland, No , you get your facts right! I was in Oakland the day it happened and he signed with KU no less than a month later. You have no credit because that is FACT. If you want advertising and publishing you have work to do. Get your facts straight before you waste my time , I will not offer a deal for this shit so stop reaching out to me until this is a legitimate blod, and as far as Rocco D is concerned I don’t know who you are but cleary your not an NBA scout. Are you an NBA scout? Have you been to an NBA game? Oh really I know your answer will be between three and five games so let me enlighten you, I work for the NBA, i received four different main references for this blog and when I react this is what I get. How disappointed would you be, good thoughts, but you need a publisher, and fifty percent of a blog is facts, fifty of it is opinion. Edit it out and put some facts in. Then start spreading your word.- Til next time, I remain distant -JOE

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wanna see Pierce’s wart hands in a fight! That Tatto ugly mother fucker!

  6. ByesLine says:

    Heres a link to ABC News (pretty good source) about Pierce was in FACT stabbed in Boston. My favorite F word.

    • Joe Harris says:

      Listen, all im saying is if your going to do a blog than get your facts straight. This is the typical “smallbany” kinda talk. If you want national cred you need FACTS in your blog, not just opinion. Do one on Lebron being the most overrated player of all time, guaranteed success because the facts support it. I won’t even consider bringing you in until you put more facts in your agruments.This is shit and I recommend you stop spreading the word until you get your bloggin straight. Go to school son, GO to School!

      • Byesline says:

        What facts are not in order? Point to something in this piece that has incorrect fact. You can’t. This piece was mainly opinion anyway, with little statistics whatsoever. I’m a adult and will and have admitted when I am wrong. There is zero support to your claim of incorrect facts. Your post on the other had, throwing it in my face that Pierce was stabbed in California, when in reality couldnt have been further from the truth. (I mean further literally as well, being Oakland and Boston are on opposite ends of the United States). Being overrated is an opinon ‘son’. Thats english 101. For example: “this is shit” would be an opinion. Pierce was stabbed in Boston, that would be a fact. You’ll catch on.

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        How the Hell is Lebron Overrated? Please tell me? How many Triple Doubles does he have? Have many All Star Games has been in too? How many Goal Metals does he have? How many 1st team all NBA Teams has he been on? How many Times Has he been on All NBA Defense Team?

        FACTS : 4 Time All NBA First Team
        2 Time All NBA 2nd Team

        3 Time All NBA Defense Team

        6 out of 7 All Star Games With 2 All Star Game MVPS

        The year he wasn’t in the All star game he was a rookie and Rookie of the Year (ROY) Basketball Terms for you

        He is also only 25 years old. What about his story growing up? Moving from house to house and school to school? Really? Coming out being the person he is and not some thug and Pierce?


      • Michael says:

        This writer has been to school and is extremely knowageble. He is well informed and I know for my 45 + years of closely following all sports, the writer is right on. If you want to talk about an over rated athlete, check out Brett Favre, not LeBron. I can name 20 quarerbacks over Brett’s career who I would take on my team anyday before Brett. I bet you can’t name 10 guys in history who I would rather have then LeBron. Get your facts straight!!!

  7. Byesline says:

    Pierce is a great player and sure fire hall of famer. And I never said he was a studio gangster. Udonis Haslem said that. Its a ESPN leading story.

  8. Joe Harris says:

    This blog is extremely bad I was told to check this out by a good friend of mine who said you worked well for Roger Wyland in the Albany area. Well heres some constructive criticism, get your facts straight! Pierce was stabbed in Oakland and was announced to be fatally wounded originally. A “studio ganster?'” It has been documented that at age 11 Pierce was tailing alongside Oaklands famous gansters such as Sonny Weimen and Alonzo Harris. Studio Ganster? Kansas had to do an NCAA background check because Pierce was accused of being involved in three different bay area homicides. I suggest you get facts straight before you ever write anything. Paul Pierce is one of the greatest celtics of all time and LEbron James is perhaps the most overrated player ever! Blog on that!

    • J says:

      Obviously you are free to have whatever opinion you’d like, but please don’t look uninformed doing so. For calling some one out for ‘not having their facts straight’ it is you, sir, who need to get informed. The blogger is not calling Pierce a studio gangster. Udonis Haslem called Pierce that. Maybe you can write Udonis a letter to let him know how upset you are.

    • Michael says:

      Joe – This writer has his facts straight. I have followed Paul Pierce’s career back to his Kansas days through his being drafted in the first round by the Celtics. He WAS stabbed in Boston, but you must agree he has been a model citizen and teammate since his incident. Why else would he be the captain of the Celtics, a team with the greatest history in the NBA? This writer seems to write the facts correctly. Let’s follow his blog for future writings.

    • Rocco DIJohn says:

      Joe, Pierce is a STRIGHT UP THUG! you call him one of the Greatest celtics of all time?? Have you ever watched a game were he is throwing up gang signs after he hits a shot? What about is tweet last year during the playoffs? ” He clamed his account got hacked into”??? Hahahha sure Paul… How is Lebron James overrated? He is the youngest to just about everything you know… Also Pierce went to the finals only since KG and Allen have been there… Wait Lebron took his team to the finals in 2007 with Noboby. (But your man Drew Gooden) Kansas alumni.

      Also the Writer did not call Pierce a “studio ganster” Haslem did. Please GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT! I’ve watched 100 times more basketball than you I know whats going on in the league TODAY, not your good old 80’s days… When you get your facts right and you are going to let go of your Celtic pride and stop Headline watching on CNN and turning on the TV just in the playoff months check back into this post. Thanks

      • Lawrence Frank says:

        I guess that Finals run in 2007 must have taken a lot out of Lebron…that’s why 44 minutes is too long for him to play in a meaningful game (his words, not mine).

  9. Byesline says:

    Take a closer look at the oversized tattoo on the hoochie-mama’s arm that’s backing it up on Pierce. The cross is literally ‘to scale’ of the one Jesus died on.

  10. J says:

    I understand Haslem sticking up for his boy, but “Paul who?” Is, in my opinion, laughable. Udonis Haslem, a career role player who no one would have heard of were it not for D Wade, criticizing a 20K point scoring, HOF, Finals MVP player who by the way has OWNED the Heat just makes him look silly. Haslem could have said a lot of other things without sounding so ridiculous.

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