Case of Cam-Killin-Cam

Can someone please tell me what the hell is going through Cam Newtons head? Here is a guy who has the world by the balls. Dude is a freak athlete, tall, handsome, not to mention a big time division 1 quarterback and and top NFL prospect. While at Florida he has a stolen laptop in his possession. He leaves school and goes to Blinn junior college and to nobody’s surprise kills the competition.  But then during the recruitment process to make it back into the high levels of division 1 football, he allegedly involves himself in a bribe. Supposedly a representative of Newtons was asking payments from prospective schools of up to $200,000 in order for Newton to sign a letter of intent. Couple that with the fact I heard Cam Newton himself say on Jim Rome’s radio show that attending Auburn was a “business decision”. Weird. Fast forward about 96 hours to me opening and reading how Cam Newton was on the verge of being expelled from Florida not for buying a stolen computer, but for stealing another students paper and writing his own name in to take credit for the assignment!!!  After getting caught, Cam made up for his blundder by buying a term paper off the internet and handing it in to a college professor as if it were his own!!! These acts are not only the product of laziness, but are also two of the stupidest ideas I could think of. What did Cam Newton think was going to happen when he stole another students paper and took the credit?

Student A : “Professor, I didn’t get my grade for the paper I wrote? It was the one about the emergence of competitive markets enabling wind energy to thrive?”

Professor: “How dare you steal Cam’s idea!”

So first you had a stolen laptop (which for the sake of comedy, let me remind you what Cam did when police came knocking at his door: freaking chucked the laptop out of the window! This, by my records is one of the best cover ups since Carolina Panther Rae Carruth murdered another human and himself hid in the trunk of a car).  And let me get this strait…You weren’t involved with a representative asking $200,000 from schools in order for you to play there? You and your father (who ironically is a minister) didn’t both say in two separate phone conversations with Mississippi recruiters that the money from Auburn was “to much” to turn down?  And let me guess, you didn’t buy a term paper off the internet? You didn’t forge your name on another students paper and take the credit?  I’m not saying that Cam Newton is 100% guilty on every front, but I have enough letters on the wheel of fortune board to be able to guess the puzzle of what kind of person he is.  Its sort of like the child who swears he didn’t eat any of the hot chocolate chip cookies off the counter, as chocolate is smeared all around his mouth and half a eaten cookie jammed in his cheek. Better yet, when asked about the cheating allegations from Florida, Cam said he didn’t want to beat a dead horse and talk about the past? C’mon Cam. I can smell you from here to Auburn, and what I smell isn’t cookies, but the stench of entitlement.

9 Responses to Case of Cam-Killin-Cam

  1. henry dini says:

    Espn has ruined college sports, with all the money they throw at the universities. Living here in Alabama thatall they talk about, it seems they’ve forgotten these institutions are supposedly for higher learning. Great story.


    • ByesLine says:

      Thanks Henry, I appreciate you checking the blog out…im just getting started but i feel like i have plenty to offer, i hope you continue to check out the site.

  2. JessupP says:

    You have enough letters on the wheel of fortune board to guess the puzzle of what kind of person he is?hahaha Apparently Cam does not… and to make it worse, he’s trying to “buy” a vowel!! haha This Zach Bye blog is spot-on.

  3. J says:

    Great first comment, the more that comes out about this story, the more the Newtons DO seem like the modern day entitled “top prospect family”. Sad but common… especially in the SEC.

  4. AgentRayB says:

    Granted, he’s made some poor decisions, but there is MUCH more to this story……….

  5. Brian Ledbetter says:

    “how dare you steal Cam’s idea” lol I love it Mr. Bye. This should be interesting

  6. Dennis says:

    WAIT – you mean we have to actually WRITE the papers we turn in ourselves???? shit….

  7. Dennis says:


  8. William Monica says:

    I’m so happy your starting this and as a first entry the Cam Newton stories are great. I can’t get enough of Zach Bye commentary so please keep it coming. I can’t believe he just tossed the labtop out the window hahahah

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